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Rather than try to fit everyone, we have decided to focus and become experts on very specific programs. This has many obvious advantages over just offering PT plans and then spending hours trying to get it to work for you. Instead we have become masters in Personal Training for Fertility, Modelling, and Kids & Teens. More plans are being developed so keep checking back!


Full course fitness plans made simple. Most master programs say it takes 90 days to learn, adapt and succeed. Which is why our Personal Exercise courses are 90 days long. While most other Personal Trainers offer ambiguous time frames, goals and costs – ours are upfront, with a clearly defined goal and time-frame to completion. It’s 90 days to your success.

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All programs include FREE credit to spend on fitness clothing & Accessories @ MGVT

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The only Complete PT Program

All designed to help you on your journey to learning more about you, your hidden talent, patent ability and place in life to help you feel more fulfilled, appreciated and attractive.

Health & Beauty;
Visual Poise

Radiate vivacious attractiveness with glowing health, keen mind and a confident body. Our sessions together will help you understand how growth and progress works - so you are more likely to succeed and keep going, becoming more confident, capable and happy

Lessons from Experts

Methods and training that has stood the test of time. From leaders in the fields of physical fitness, mental agility, nutrition and many more. You will be training like Roman soldiers, becoming more artistic, literary, and intellectual from leaders of the romantic period, and understanding more about your body from the fathers of genetics.

In House | Private Personal Training

No travelling, No hassle, Your personal trainer comes to you, not the other way around. Plus, unlike apps, no data is collected on you. Everything we do will be private in a comfortable, understanding and safe environment. We also have different packages to suit every budget from our standard personal training to our exclusive Platinum

Nature Based Personal Training

A holistic training approach based on natural body movements, with no need for extra equipment. Aimed at keeping your mind & body fit, which may help with reducing stress and depression; plus may help recover from abuse and substance addiction.

Personal Training for Modern Life

For many of us, life can feel like it's moving too fast with pressure bearing down on us from all sides - whether that's from school or work, family or social media. As a result, we find ourselves frazzled, lost and - too often - feeling blue​. These are areas where our personal training sessions together may help you mentally and physically recharge

Complete Personal Trainer Package

All programs include FREE credit to spend on fitness gear and more in one of the best online stores

Personal Training
Client Experiences

This wasn’t just a fitness course, mark understood how to use it to increase my followers and build my brand. Will be doing another 90 days soon xoxo
Doing this has helped my little girl gain so much more confidence which has helped with school and making new friends. Can’t be more thankful!
OMG So Happy – found out I was pregnant a month after doing this fitness course. Thank you sooo much xxx



While a great deal of health problems are genetic looking after the body you have may help delay of mitigate many health issues. We will work hard together to understand you and what works for you


Body & mental strength to help you deal with modern life. Find the strength you have & need from a personal trainer who is caring, devoted and unwavering in his support.


Feel complete and happy with less stress and be happy with your body that makes others jealous.

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How do will i know if it is right for me ?

Even though people say they wanted to improve their lives when faced with an actual opportunity to do so – they let it pass them by. Why won’t they invest in themselves and their future?  Here’s why:

Because society trains us to shy away from self-investment.

We are encouraged to watch more and more TV, read more books or play more video games. But you know what we’re NOT told to do? Invest in our futures (and ourselves).

How many people do you know who spend more money on acquiring skills, knowledge, and real-world experience than their Sky TV Subscription? Probably very few… if any at all.

For once, can we just face the facts: Society wants you to be lazy and unsuccessful.

If you can see through the fog, then make the investment into a step-by-step program that I spent years – and £1000’s – pouring my real-world knowledge, experience, and advice into. 

Why this and not the many free videos/ apps?

Maybe you think it’s too risky. Even though we have a 365-day money back guarantee (the best I’ve ever seen) — with the only requirement being that you complete the full course and assignments.

The decision is yours, but I wouldn’t wait because you may never get an opportunity like this again. (We are considering changing the entire academy into online videos, and may no longer do personal one to one training, And we’re considering doubling the price.)

So take advantage while you still can. It would be great for you to become one of our next massive success stories.

One more thing :

The program is all-inclusive. There aren’t any upsells or anything else you can buy from us.

This is a one-time payment and there are literally no other programs or courses that we offer on this topic.

Why? Because we know how annoying an experience it is to buy something and then be told “but wait… there’s more!”

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