Fortune Follows Fitness

Whether your goal is personal or business, improving your fitness can dramatically improve your success ( that’s according to just about every study done on the subject).

Personal Training can give you what no self-help book, video or seminar can. On-going tailored support, guidance and motivation to succeed.

⊕  A Qualified REPS L3 Personal Trainer

⊕  Specialised fitness sessions for over 40

⊕  Daily Routines to help improve Health & Fitness

⊕  Dynamic Partner Workouts

⊕  All the Equipment you need

⊕  Up to 2 Adults per Session (You and a friend or family member)

⊕  Boxing

⊕  Self-Defense

⊕  Nutrition & Diet

⊕  Back Pain Management & Recovery

⊕  Bone strength Conditioning

⊕  Strength & Conditioning

⊕  Body Toning

⊕  Sports Massage

⊕  Core Training

⊕  Creative Meditation, TAO & More

⊕  Walking & Running Fitness

Personal Training | Fitness & Nutrition

How I use Fitness & Nutrition to look young at 36

I don’t spend hours in the gym, nor do I count every calorie.

I simply follow a select few guidelines that have existed for thousands of years, but due to modern marketing have been lost as common knowledge in favour of expensive ‘miracle products, fad diets and get fit quick schemes’. And with there expensive marketing budgets convincing you that if you don’t reach your goals or look a certain way, well just keep trying new or more products. What the average person spends on cosmetics and expensive products may be traded for simple easy and fun personal training sessions.

Manchester Personal Fitness Training

Many people find that just having someone to talk to, who understands and can give guidance and support is enough for them to get over their low moments and sticking points. Fitness is easy when you are motivated and progressing, it’s when you experience the lags, when you have gained weight when you tried really hard to lose, or when you feel isolated with no one to talk to, that’s when you need extra support. It’s not all about body shape, for most its about life goals, career or finding someone to love – thats where fitness boosts your life. Your body is rightly the temple but it shouldn’t be the religion. Fitness should improve your life – not take over it. Take up personal training and start enjoying fun and exciting exercise plans to do at home, in the gym and outdoors throughout Manchester, Bolton and the North West.

  • Studies have shown Exercising At Home is As Effective As Going To The Gym according to The Journal of Physiology
  • Studies have shown that fit people are usually hired sooner, get promotions more quickly, and are paid more than their less-fit coworkers. They are also more likely to find a partner, have children, and be more social. Psychology Today

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we

have virtue or excellence, but rather we have those because we have acted rightly. We are

what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”


How Can Personal Training Transform Your Life

Your Profession

An improvement in fitness can create profound changes in your professional life. With many people all over the world increasing sales, revenue, and success after achieving their goal with personal training sessions. 

Your Relationships

Many studies have shown fitness can lead to an improvement in relationships and finding love. Various factors seem to contribute to this, from the increased confidence, healthier & fitter look, and new more active lifestyle. Personal training can lead to new possibilities with new relationships that you were previously unaware of.

Quality of Life

Personal training can lead to better quality of life no matter what age you are. It can also be a non-medical way of overcoming mental health problems such as stress, depression and anxiety. But it can also lead to a more adventurous life, discovering more and living more.

Mutare Vel Timere Sperno

Latin – ‘I spurn the fear to change’

Fitness PT Sessions & Courses | Available in Manchester, Salford & Bolton

Apps, Books & Videos CAN’T Compete With Personal Training

Tailored specifically to your life PT can help with:

Professional Goals: Increasing not just sales but PROFITS. And it works in EVERY Profession & Niche

Relationships: Transform your love life by becoming the best version of yourself

Confidence: A mix of self defence, mental and body exercises to boost confidence and destroy negative thinking

Get in touch now to see how Personal Training may help you

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