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Client Questions: Do I need to cut Fat out of my diet?

With many so called ‘fitness experts’ informing people to cut fat completely out of their diet many women that follow this advice can find that their hair becomes dull and thin, they find they have low energy and develop skin problems. So this is an important Client Question to answer: no you don’t need to cut fat our of your diet and here’s why.

Fat is absolutely essential to a healthy and beautiful life. You might you need to cut down, if you are getting too much, but it would be inadvisable to cut it out of your diet. The ancient gladiators new fat was essential, which is why it became an important part of their diet, as fat contributed to the fact that they were more likely to survive an otherwise mortal wound, as the fat helps to protect their organs, veins and arteries from being cut. As always, listen to your body, it should be obvious if you have way to much fat entering your diet, and strike a nice balance, do this through trial and error, to find what works best for you. If you are over weight you clearly need to cut down.

The beauty from the Fat

Fat also plays a apart in giving you luxurious, thick and shiny hair, strong nails and radiant skin. Cut fat out of your diet, and you will have to work hard to create the illusion of having all the things you would have had naturally.

Apart from creating a beautiful body that you can be proud of. Fat plays many important roles in the body, contributing to a healthier and more beautiful body.

The Functions of Fat


  • Protects internal organs
  • Regulation of your body temperature
  • Storage of Hormones
  • Helps Skin and Hair to look radiant, healthy and glossy
  • Fat surrounding muscles and other cells aid growth and repair
  • Helps uptake and storage of fat soluble vitamins
  • Energy storage and use
  • There is a layer of fat around each nerve cell for protection and effective use
  • and the storage of essential fats – the omega group



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