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A simple-to-follow exercise plan which would work for a moderately overweight person

A Simple Plan make a Good start in Health & Fitness

These are just basic starter routines, from Personal Trainer Mark Tyson, and are hopefully easy to follow and adapt to suit your needs. You can also mix and match the routines and work on all 3 at once. They compliment each other in this way, and all ultimately lead to the same goal, for example; building muscle greatly helps your weight loss because muscle burns fat all the time!

Also, don’t worry about Reps and Sets, (how many you do, how many times) you can if you like to, but it is not a requirement. Just do how much you can, hopefully until failure (you really cannot do any more, because of tiredness).

Remember, never force or push yourself beyond your limits. Acquire patience and steadiness in your practice. And keep your water close.

Mentally Prepare to Make a Good Start and to be Fit

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Know that you are about to do exercise. Know that it will help you achieve your goal, really take the time to believe it. If you can, see yourself in your mind’s eye having succeeded, and you are now slim, muscular etc (whatever your goal is). Make sure to step into your new successful self, see through their eyes and feel how good it feels to be you, having achieved your goal with the help and support you needed from MGTfit. Then begin your exercise.

Weight Loss Plan

  • Weight loss exercise. Stand against a wall so that your heels, bum, upper back and head are against the wall. Inhaling through your nose, stretch your body upward, pulling your stomach in as far as possible so that your chest expands fully. Keep your arms by your sides. Your shoulders should feel like they are expanding and pressing against the wall. Exhale as quickly as possible through your mouth. Blow the breath our fully. You should feel your entire body tighten automatically if done properly. Practice as many times as you can, aim for 7-12 in general.
  • Power walk. However long you can, either outside or indoors. On the spot, down to the shops or up and down the living room. Do it with meaning. Put a few items of clothing or some tins into a back pack and wear it while doing the power walk. Keep your back straight and shoulders back, head held high, be proud of what you are achieving.
  • Stair Climb. Up and down the stairs you go! However long you can, you can also use the backpack from the last exercise. You can rest when you get to the top, and use the bannister to help.  You can also get a cloth, and use this exercise to really clean the stairs! This will double the benefit of the exercise and keep your stairs sparkling haha. If you live in an apartment or bungalow, find some stairs. Go to a friends, a shopping mall, the library if they have them, this again doubles your exercise into a social outing.
  • Sat down window washing. While watching TV or listening to music etc. Pretend there is a dirty window in front of you, and start cleaning it. You can hold tins or other small weights and pretend they are you sponge and cloth. Make large circular movements, then small scrubbing movements. Keep both hands moving, and again, do this until you are sweating and can’t do any more.

Increase Muscle Plan

  • Press and Push Ups. These are the tried and true exercises to build a great upper body of muscle. do theses as often as possible giving yourself about a day or two days rest at least once a week. Start of with slow movements, remaining in control of your body, from the top with your elbows slightly bent and lower yourself down until your chest is level with your elbows. Keep your back straight. and legs straight out also. As for the push up, Lie on your back, bring your knees up and have your heals about a hands width distance from your bum. Have your hands clasped behind your head, and start to bring your chest up. Don’t try to bring your chest all the way up, You only need to come up a little bit before you feel it working. Keep doing these exercises until you need to stop.
  • Lunges. Keep you back straight at all times, shoulders back proudly. Stand in a normal position. Bring your right leg forward, knee bent and foot on the ground, in a neat right angle. Your left leg should be behind you also in a right angle. Come back to the starting position, now go forward with your left leg. This is another tried and true exercise, so keep doing them until you need to stop. Hold some weights in each hand to make this harder.
  • Wight lifting. Grabs some household items of various weight. Now, Alternate between these exercises until you need to stop, using the different weights for each exercise to keep your body improving. Bicep curl (Start with your arms down by your side, then slowly bring them up to you chest, as you do so turn your wrist so that your palms would be facing you. Then slowly bring the weights back down to your sides. The whole movement should last 4-5 seconds.), shoulder press (From the shoulder, Your elbows level with your shoulder, bring your weights above your head in a smooth controlled movement. Do not lock out the arms, meaning they should not be perfectly straight. ), fly (From the same position of the bicep curl bring your weights forward until your arms a level with your shoulder in from tot you. Keep a slight bend in the elbow. And then bring the weights back down. Next bring the weights up so that your body forms the cross and you look like you are flying. Keep alternating).

Increase Fitness Plan

  • Sprinting. No jogging. Short bursts of sprinting in between walking. No requirements on the duration or distance. Just do what you can. Think of yourself as a lioness chasing a meal. You will never miss a bus again!
  • Stairs. See the weight loss section. Do that only as quickly as possible. No weights, just run up and down the steps.
  • Boxing punches. Remain on the balls of your feet and develop a need to move about. Glide like a ball room dancer. Bring your arms up, form your fists with your thump tight over your fingers, and start punching the air.  The most important part is remaining in control of the movement, so you need to snap your fist forward and be able to stop it at the point. Not letting your arm shake as if your fist was on a piece of rope.
  • Skipping. Keep it nice and simple. Skip for as long as possible, if you cannot skip, try. I started out getting one or two skips, now I skip for as long as I need to!

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