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Do You Really Need A Personal Trainer?

Do I need a personal trainer? For most people, maybe not, but you do need a sound fitness routine.

If someone were to throw jewels at Sparrows to scare them off, he would be declared a fool for giving up something so valuable to gain something so trivial. If you succumb to trivial desires (Food, Laziness etc.) at the expense of your body, or your career or your partner, it is exactly like throwing jewels at sparrows.

Individuals who do not exercise regularly are at greater risk than others of developing chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, cancer, obesity, and musculoskeletal disorders. The importance of regular exercise in not only preventing disease and premature death, but also in maintaining a higher quality of life, received recognition in the first U.S. Surgeon Generals report (U.S. department of health and human services 1996). But Improvements in health depend on the careful balance of an exercise plan designed by a fitness expert. A plan needs to be steadfast and patient to ensure the prime benefits and prevent injury. The volume of exercise needed for the same degree of health improvement varies among health benefit indicators, and too much physical activity is associated with negative health consequences or over use injuries. This is where Personal Trainers will always trump apps, books and YouTube videos. Your Personal Trainer will get to know you better than any app, thus he/she will be able to tailor a fitness plan more appropriately to your needs, body and goal.

Health benefits of exercise

Help in:

  • controlling body weight;
  • building and maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joints;
  • developing strength and agility in older adults so they are better able to move about without falling; and
  • creating a sense of psychological well-being.

Reduction of

  • ​blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure, and
  • feelings of depression and anxiety.

Reduced risk of

  • dying prematurely,
  • dying prematurely from heart disease,
  • developing diabetes,
  • developing high blood pressure, and
  • developing colon cancer.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) causes the death of more than 16.7 million people worldwide each year. Coronary heart disease accounts for more deaths annually than any other disease with more than 500,000 deaths each year. Epidemiological research indicates that one of the risk factors in CHD is physical inactivity. You don’t need to become a health and fitness ambassador, but if you are struggling, you do need a steadfast and patient exercise program, planned and carried out by an exercise scientist, that can bring about all the benefits of exercise and reduce all the fatal risks from inactivity.

In all things, you can check with yourself. Am I throwing jewels at sparrows? If you are given a healthy body; designed to live 100 years, you can be declared a fool for doing anything that may shorten that time. That is not to say you must never drink, smoke or do anything risky. But it is the excess of things, mostly an excess of inactivity that will be harmful to you. If you cannot control your pleasures, it is worth while seeking help from someone trained to help you. If you cannot afford a Personal Trainer – try at least the following:

  •  If you have a smartphone, set an alarm/ reminder to go for a walk every day.
  • During adverts on TV, stand up and take a walk into another room.
  • Keep the remote next to the tv, this serves two purposes; 1, You always know where it is and 2, you need to get up and walk a short distance to change the channel; interrupting a period of inactivity.
  • Buy a Wii U, This is a great family console where a great emphasis is on movement.
  • Find a parking space or get off the bus a little way away from where you need to go, giving yourself the opportunity to stretch your legs.
  • Buy a cheap camera and take up photography, as you explore your local area you will be walking leisurely. Do this at the times when you usually comfort eat/ smoke or drink.
  • Track you steps in work, increase them by taking the stairs, or rather than phone the next department, walk over there and introduce yourself personally.

Finally, follow these three essential mottos for nurturing your health.

  1. Avoid violent anger,
  2. reducing your worries,
  3. reducing your appetite.

Follow these essentials as best as you can, and if you can afford an in home personal trainer have a think if it will be of benefit to you.


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