Best Buys for Drinking Water and Staying Hydrated

The best fluid to drink is water, forget all those well marketed sports drinks which are at bottom sugar, salt and water solutions. Water is the one true hyrdrator and restorer. The following are some of the best items I have seen to help you drink more water and stay hyrated during the day and during exercise. These options also reduce 15kg of plastic waste per houshold per year!

Black & Blum Charcoal filter water bottle

The Black+Blum Active Charcoal removes harsh chemicals from tap water while adding beneficial minerals like calcium.

Leave for the first hour to improve the water, and between 4-8 hours it works even better!

The Charcoal Lasts up to 6 months.

pH Active Insulated Water Bottle – Filtered Alkaline

pH Active Insulated Water Battle filters the water through Alkaline, one of the fastest growing popular forms of drinking water.

Rich in Antioxidents which help combat free radicals in the body that build up with stress and exercise, it is these free radicals that makes you look older.

Also removes harsh deposits in water for a better taste and healthier water.

KURO-Bō Glass Water Filter Bottle

An Alternative to the Black+Blum that also uses Charcoal to create great tasting water

Removes harsher chemicals and infuses with good minerals

More simple and popular design

LaVie Pure Innovative Tap Water Purifier with Aluminum Case

A more tech focused gadget that uses Blue light to treat the water, removing more harmful chemicals and microbes

Takes Just 15 Mins to purify the water, creating a great tasting and healthier water

Reeduces the waiting time, reduces plastic waste – and is super cool!

Drinking & Hydration at home

Kilner Clip Top Round Drinks Dispenser, 8 Litre

A great option for drinking more water at home. Use your preffered way of treating the water: Charcoal, Filter etc

Use your fave spring water, buying large bottles reduces waste and has less micro plastics. Or buy Glass bottled water for no micro-plastics.

Add your fave fruit, mint etc for a great tasing infused water. Add Ice for the summer, or for your workouts

BRITA Flow Water XL Filter Tank

A well known brand for water treatment, with filters available at most stores local, and online

Simple, pratical design will fit most kitchens

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