The Best Action Cameras To Buy

One of the easiest and most enjoyable forms of fitness to get into is action sport or adventures. This can be as simple as going for a run in different places, as opposed to always running in the local park or by the main road where you live. Of course the more adventurous you make it the better. So I have curated the best action cams to buy right now so you can get started in your favourite sport and show off your adventures

Go Pro Max

Great for VR and almost like having 2 GoPros in one. It acts as a regular GoPro to film your action plus you can also use it to film in VR so that you never miss a thing. Great for more adventure type activities and for group activities. You may even film your group or family workouts!

Go Pro Hero 8/7

The main GoPro to buy for most people, and more suited to activities like cycling, windsurfing, climbing & running etc. Sign up to GoPro plus and get all your videos stored in the cloud and money off all of their accessories.


A popular brand of action cam, which has the benfit of having some very cool features. One being a modular design so you can customise to your needs. It can get expensive, which you might want to consider. Action cams should have a balance on price due to their main use scenario. If one breaks or gets lost you don’t want to be buying another very expensive camera.

Osmo Action

A great option if you want to monologue like a villain, or want the attention focused on you during your action sports, due to the nifty screen on the front. Like the GoPro it strikes a good balance for price that all good action cameras find.

Action cameras can be a great way to really invest in a new sport or adventure activity. And these in turn are a great addition to any health and fitness routine. You can even use the above cameras to film your team sports or family exercise. You can even have a great time filming your workouts at home and then creating a cool youtube timelapse video of your tansformation.

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