Time to Get Going; The Best Running & Walking Accesories

Walking and running are great exercises that you can start doing with little set up cost, without a gym or a personal trainer. You also get to discover some of the UKs most amazing spaces. Take a good camera with you and you can even combine 2 new hobbies in one! A great camera is th Olympus E-M10 IV

HUAWEI Band 4 Smart Band

Perfect for counting steps and tracking kcals burnt, and for around £20 it is a fraction of the cost of many smartwatches, while still doing everything you need to track and push yourself to your goals. It also supports SpO2 which keeps track of oxygen in the blood.

Ascics Trainers

It is vital to have comfortable well made shoes for running and walking. Too many times I have had a client tell me they don’t like this kind of exercise because they have pains afterwards in different areas of their body. Most of the time this was the cause of inproper shoes and not the exercise itself. Ascics are roughly the best brand I have experienced and many of my clients recommend the most.

Hydration Belt

Staying hydrated is most important, especially in hot weather. Choosing a good belt that lets you keep some water with you is a good idea. It’s also a good choice to have some form of glucose to help rebalance some your energy levels and replace the glucose that you will lose. This can be in the form of a few sweets like gummy bears, or you can choose those pouches of energy.

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