Top 4 fitness equipment for small spaces

As Manchester and other regions enter Tier 3 Lockdowns, meaning tighter restrictions it is important to keep up general health and fitness. With many gyms closing and personal trainers unable to see their clients, below are some of the best options for keeping fit at home, special consideration has been made for space saving design for those living in smaller spaces or don’t have much room to set up ‘mini gyms’.

4 SAVADECK DECK6.0 Carbon Mountain Bike

Most people will be able to find a space for a bike, especially with the many different ways of storing them on walls and even the ceiling. Investing in a good bike will brike many obvious health benefits, but will also help your general wellbeing, encouriging you to be outside more often. While you can use your bike in towns & cities (maybe even getting a courier gig job for extra money) The best use for bikes are the many trails, parks and woodland areas.

3 Bluefin Fitness BLADE Home Gym Foldable Rowing Machine

Rowing is a staple for many exercise plans, its low impact so it can be safe for people with joint problems etc and it is a total body workout that is also high intensity, meaning you can use as a calorie burner and muscle developer. For features and storage this is a best buy.

2 Bluefin Fitness TASK 2.0 2-in-1 Folding Under Desk Treadmill

Nothing beats a good run and even Walking is perhaps one of the most underrated exercises. It is one of the easiest exercises to keep up requireing little motivation, but it has also been proven through the ages as the best way to dispell what are known today as mental health problems. It may not always be possible to get out so this makes it to our best buy list, as its has a great space saving design.

1 4D Triple Motor Vibration Plate

Pilates, Strength Training, Core and Weight Loss exercises can all be done on this cool looking vibration plate. What’s more is that the vibrations make your muscles work harder, it combats cellulite build-up for ideal tone & shape and can decrease the time it takes to reach your goals. It can be stored pretty much anywhere and with its versatility and design is the number one pick of this list.

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