Top Home Gadgets for Health

Using technology correctly is a great way to improve our fitness and health. And if you are making the investment of having personal training you may want to include some of these top home gadgets as well.

Withings Ecosystem

This one is more of an ecosystem of products, and there are few more comprehensive than Withings. Managable with just one app thise suite of gadgets can cover almost every area of your health needs. Pair them with one of the best smartwatches to buy for fitness.

Withings/ Nokia BPM Blood Pressure-monitor

Withings Body Cardio

Withings Sleep Analyzer

Withings Thermo

Airy pot

Innovative plant pot as a highly effective air purifier – Natural air purification with houseplants without electricity and chemicals

NASA proved that plants filter pollutants through the roots – but only if they’re exposed to the air! Plants that grow in an AIRY can absorb pollutants up to 8 times as much as in conventional plant pots. According to the latest studies, our homes can be as polluted as outside city air, so having some form of air filtration will benefit everyone, especially asthma sufferers and children.

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