Is calorie restricting diets the best way to lose weight? The answer might surprise you

The default rather lazy advice or instruction for someone wanting to lose weight is to go on a diet or the rather stupid instruction to “eat less”. Then we hear how most diets ultimately fail as people end up putting on more weight. So what’s the answer? Is it worth bothering with?

Essentially when you start consuming less calories than your body is used to your brain will put you into starvation mode. This is in order for you to survive things like your metabolism slows and your appetite increases. so not only are you enclosed to eat more but with your motabolism slowing you are destined to put on more weight essentially not burning as much off.

This isn’t to say you should consume less calories in order to lose weight but it should be part of a larger plan and should be done in a patient and steadfast manner.

The ideal way to lose weight

While cardio may be prescribed to most who want to lose weight the real benefits are within a good resistance plan with the right mix of 80% resistant and 20% cardio

So why is resistance training more beneficial to those who want to lose weight but aren’t interested in becoming muscular. Well if you add some more muscle ( you really don’t have to become a body builder) your body has to work harder to maintain itself. Fat is stored without using energy, while muscles take calories to maintain – even when you are sat watching tv. This means you can start using more calories without having to cut down calorie intake ie you don’t need to totally give up your favourite foods.

At bottom this is the nature of calories- it’s fuel for the body so if you start making changes so that your body needs more fuel you will start to lose weight easier and be able to carry it through long term.

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