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All equipment will be sanitzed and deep cleaned between personal training sessions. I will also be wearing masks and disposable gloves.

In House | Private Personal Training

No travelling, No hassle, No Waiting. Your personal trainer and all the equipment needed should come to you, not the other way around. Plus, unlike apps, no data is collected on you. Everything we do will be private, in a comfortable, understanding and safe environment within your home. People should see the result, not the work and you don’t need to be in a sweaty gym waiting for equipment.

Personal Training At Home As Effective As Going To The Gym

A new study has found that working out at home not only saves you time and money but also increases commitment to the programme.

The researchers were interested in whether exercising at home is a time-efficient strategy that helps to reduce common exercise barriers such as difficulty with access to exercise facilities due to travel time and cost.

In the study, 32 obese people completed a 12-week exercise programme and researchers found that home-based training was as effective as a gym-based programme for improving fitness in obese individuals.

At-home fans say they like the convenience of working out when and where it suits them, with no travelling and no expensive gym contracts to maintain

Single & Regular Personal Training

You can have regular personal training sessions or just a pre-planned one off session. For a Single Session you will be given full instruction on all the exercises that you can do at home for your chosen goal. It is not designed to be a continuous plan of sessions together. However, if you enjoy the session, you can always choose to book regular sessions.

A Single Session or Regular Personal Training?

Individuals who do not exercise regularly are at greater risk than others of developing chronic diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, cancer, obesity, and musculoskeletal disorders. The importance of regular exercise in not only preventing disease and premature death, but also in maintaining a higher quality of life, received recognition in the first U.S. Surgeon Generals report (U.S. department of health and human services 1996). But Improvements in health depend on the careful balance of an exercise plan designed by a fitness expert. A plan needs to be steadfast and patient to ensure the prime benefits and prevent injury. The volume of exercise needed for the same degree of health improvement varies among health benefit indicators, and too much physical activity is associated with negative health consequences or over use injuries. This is where Personal Trainers will always trump apps, books and YouTube videos. Your Personal Trainer will get to know you better than any app, thus he/she will be able to tailor a fitness plan more appropriately to your needs, body and goal.

Even though people say they wanted to improve their lives when faced with an actual opportunity to do so – they let it pass them by. Why won’t they invest in themselves and their future?  Here’s why:

Because society trains us to shy away from self-investment.

We are encouraged to watch more and more TV, read more books or play more video games. But you know what we’re NOT told to do? Invest in our futures (and ourselves).

How many people do you know who spend more money on acquiring skills, knowledge, and real-world experience than their Sky TV Subscription? Probably very few… if any at all.

For once, can we just face the facts: Society wants you to be lazy and unsuccessful. Unsuccessful people consume more media, are more likely to get into debt, and more prone to buy things in the false hope that it will improve their lives – this is what every marketing department doesn’t want you to know.

If you can see through the fog, then make the investment into a step-by-step program that I spent years – and £1000’s – pouring my real-world knowledge, experience, and advice into. Whether you do it in with In Home Personal Training or our Online Fitness Courses, just do it.

Maybe you think it’s too risky. Even though we have a proven track record with many 5 star reviews from happy clients

So take advantage while you still can. It would be great for you to become one of our next massive success stories.

Fit looking people are more likely to find jobs & get promoted

Studies have shown that attractive people are usually hired sooner, get promotions more quickly, and are paid more than their less-attractive coworkers. They are also more likely to find a partner, have children, and be more social.

In the study, it was discovered attractive people can earn an average of 3 or 4 percent more than people with below-average looks, according to Daniel Hamermesh, professor of economics at the University of Texas at Austin and author of the book “Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful.” One possible explanation is that beauty positively impacts self confidence and this is why good looking people tend to be more successful.

Because anyone can improve their looks with personal training, therefore improving their confidence, it is possible for anyone can take advantage of this, including you.

What you can do with a MGTfit Personal Trainer

Anyone can become more attractive and boost their confidence, you need only let MGTfit Personal Training help you. Results can happen far quicker than people realise, meaning you can claim the benefits of looking and feeling better about yourself. It’s so much easier to keep motivated and achieve your goals with a Personal Trainer than going it alone. If you think back to the times you have had someone else help you, you may realise how MGTfit Personal Training can help you.

Personal Training beats Stress

In 2018, the Mental Health Foundation authorized a UK survey which found that in 2017, 74% of adults had found themselves under a level of stress which left them feeling overwhelmed or not able to manage.
Indeed, seven out of 10 (71%) UK employees have seen workplace stress affect their health, according to research by Moorepay, with many taking sick days due to the stress. Contrary to popular opinion, stress is not a bad thing. It allows us to perform at peak levels and can assist us through the flood of chemicals it releases within our bodies. What is harmful is too much stress, or more particularly, a lack of relief from stress.

Inclusive Personal Training | For Everyone

Personal Training for Beauty

Fitness exercises designed to help transform your body for increased success in dating, and career such as for Influencers models, actors & more. These sessions will give you all the tools you need to sculpt your dream body.

Over 50s Fitness | Personal Training for 50 and over

A third of the UK’s population is now over 50 and it is increasingly important for them to keep healthy. Personal training for over 50s has been prepared to give you all you need to maintain health into and after retirement. We will look into strength and flexibility, to ensure we keep you fitter for longer. After 50 it becomes even more important to look after your body as it naturally deteriorates, and exercise has been proven to slow the affects of ageing, combat dementia, reduce fatigue, anxiety, loneliness and depression. 

You will be given full instruction on all the exercises you need to maintain bone and muscular strength in your retirement. As well as busting any myths or miss-information you may have heard regarding fitness, nutrition and exercise.

Personal Training for Therapy

Personal training sessions designed to use exercise and fitness for therapy. This may help anyone in or seeking therapy for a wide range of problems including depression, anxiety, social isolation, surrogate partner therapy, victims of substance addiction, domestic or sexual abuse and more. Focusing on your mental and physical health, and introducing combative movements to release tension, and anger and giving you more confidence.

This Personal training session may help you overcome any personal problems by giving you full instructions for a plan to making small changes for just a few minutes a day. Your personal trainer will provide you with all the support you need to help you grow.

With a focus on more than just physical fitness, your personal training sessions may help you get more out of everyday life, with exercises and goals for every aspect of your evolution. Radiate vivacious attractiveness with glowing health, keen mind and a confident body. Our session together will help you understand how growth and progress works – so you are more likely to succeed and keep going, becoming more confident, capable and happy. A solid and sound personal training plan can involve dedicated exercises for both body & mind, to help establish an important place for recovery and growth from many forms of abuse. From sexual abuse, substance abuse and domestic abuse, the right mix of fitness exercises and therapy can help those suffering open up, communicate and recover. Creating new meaningful relationships that allows real healing to happen.

Kids Personal Training

Personal training for kids will involve building leadership, motivation and confidence ensuring better results at school. This personal training session is naturally tailored to kids & teens with emphasis on building strong bones and muscles, developing hand eye co-ordination, confidence, and more

 Personal Training for Disabled

Whether you would lika a one off session or regular personal training, we believe everyone has a right to inclusive fitness help and support. No matter your disablility there are exercises you can do that will help build confidence, and strenght and with MGTfit personal training you get instruction on all exercises in the plan plus motivation and confidence building exercises. This personal training is tailored to you with emphasis on building strong bones and muscles, developing hand eye co-ordination, confidence, and more

Adults & Kids advised to do muscle-strengthening exercises twice a week, to help them stay active for longer, under new guidance from the UK’s top doctors.

The guidelines recommend adults build strength and balance to help stave off the natural decline in muscle mass and bone density that starts around the age of 50.

The recommended guidelines

For under-5s

  • infants – 30 mins of tummy time – when the baby is on its front – for infants not yet mobile every day
  • toddlers – 180 minutes per day doing active play
  • pre-schoolers – 180 minutes per day of physical activity, including at least 60 mins of moderate to vigorous exercise

For 5-18 year olds

  • at least one hour of moderate to vigorous physical activity per day across the week, such as PE, active travel, after-school activities and sport.
  • develop muscle fitness and bone strength
  • minimise time spent being sedentary

For 19-64 year olds

  • aim to be physically active every day
  • develop or maintain strength of muscles by doing heavy gardening, carrying heavy shopping or resistance exercise – 2 days a week
  • at least 150 minutes of activity, such as brisk walking or cycling, or 75 minutes of vigorous activity like running each week
  • minimise time spent being sedentary – break up long periods of inactivity

For over-65s

  • some physical activity is better than none
  • on two days a week, activity to improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility, including Tai Chi, dance, bowls and aqua-aerobics
  • each week, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, building up gradually
  • break up prolonged periods of being sedentary with light activity when possible, at least with standing

For pregnant women

  • aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every week
  • vigorous activity is not recommended for women who were previously inactive
  • don’t bump the bump
  • do muscle strengthening activities twice a week

For after childbirth

  • aim to build up to 150 minutes of activity every week
  • build up to muscle strengthening twice a week
  • start daily pelvic floor exercises as soon as you can

About Mark | Your fitness Personal Trainer

I earned my qualification (REPS Level 3 Personal Training) in 2009, and since then I have had the pleasure in getting to know so many great people, who just needed someone to support them and connect with them and what they wanted. Now I can offer great personal training for FREE online, courses are being added through this year and each course is easy to follow, and absolutely FREE. How is it possible to offer personal training for free? Well, within each course are ads, and affiliate links to relevant fitness products.

Exercise & being fit will make you a happier person the latest study finds

People can know fitness is good for the heart and body, helping you live better and longer. But it also spurs the release of endorphins, those feel-good chemicals that promote happiness and contentment. Making Personal Training a perfect treatment for depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. This is one reason why many people are seeking personal training for therapy.

And now a new study in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology adds even more evidence to the “happiness” benefit.

Researchers from the Penn State University found that the more physically active people reported greater general feelings of excitement and enthusiasm, compared with the less physically active and fit people.

“We found that people who are more physically active have more pleasant-activated feelings than people who are less active, and we also found that people have more pleasant-activated feelings on days when they are more physically active than usual,” study researcher Amanda Hyde.

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Single Session tailored to your needs. Whether your aim is to lose fat, gain muscle, and everything in between. These sessions are great for kids, over 50s, and disabled. Buy 1 or multiple sessions


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Health Facts for the UK

Less than 1 in 3 get enough exercise. Just 1 in 5 teens meet the recommended amount of exercise.
Recommendations for kids ages 3 to 5 : The guidelines say preschool-aged children should be “active throughout the day to enhance growth and development,”
Exercise for teens need to focus more on muscle-strengthening & bone-strengthening
Adults continue to need at least 150 mins per week of aerobic & muscle-strengthening exercise
Only 26 percent of men and 19 percent of women currently meet the requirements, according to HHS

Read the full guidelines here

  • 33% of males and 50% of females are currently overweight
  • 1 in 4 people are now obese
  • England has one of the highest obesity rates in the world
  • Obesity claims the lives of over 40,000 people annually in the UK
  • The cost to the NHS is over 1 Billion a year, and 2 Billion to the wider UK economy
  • Obesity takes over 9 years off your overall life expectancy
  • Fad diets do not to work, according to all the evidence and studies done
  • Obesity is proven to negatively affect both school and work
  • A sedentary lifestyle affects overall mental ability
  • Being overweight costs you up to extra £3000 per year (food, higher prices in clothes, lost work etc.) That’s the cost of a holiday!
  • Being obese increases your risk of missing out in social activities