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Fitness programming

An engaging staff, offering face-to-face interactions to boost engagement and participation. With ongoing training and development, as well as constant opportunity for advancement, our staff has the best tenure in the industry.

We’ll guide you on your corporate fitness solutions, customised to your company and personalised to your participants. This can range from weekly emails to full fitness video courses. That includes Indoor and outdoor recreation programming, Injury prevention and safety programs & more

Fitness programming can be personal training based or as PDF programmes for your staff to use at home or in the gym.

Fitness related to your business

The right fitness exercises specifically tailored to your business interests can have a dramatic effect. Get in touch now to engage our consultancy services and see how much of an impact the right fitness programme ca have.

Build a mini Gym

Spare room or space? You don’t need a huge environment to create a health & wellbeing space for your staff

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