Creative Meditation

This course may help you master the basics of meditation, covering the fundamentals of passive and active meditation to expand your creativity, improve your mental fitness and help you achieve your physical fitness goals.

Throughout the course it will be beneficial to understand that meditation is, at bottom, thinking. To meditate is to think for a prolonged period upon a subject of particular importance to you. There is in general, no need to adopt a yogi pose etc. You can meditate standing up, or just find a comfortable chair.

In the back of your mind keep these thoughts:

  1. Reality is what you think it is. You create your own experience of the world around you by the words you use to talk to others and yourself. Change the words you use – especially if you use critical words when you self-talk, and you will begin to change your experience of the world. Begin by making a list of affirmations to say out loud in the morning.
  2. Understand your limits. There are no real boundaries between you and your goals, your mind & body or between you and your nation. And when these things work in harmony, victory can be easily gained. But you should be humble in the face of nature. Each of us has had the ‘rules of the game’ set by our genetics, the inherited traits we gained from our parents. These include what we are physically capable of (strength, speed etc), and what we are mentally capable of (personality, intelligence and skill etc.). Knowing this can free us from the ‘perfectionist trap’.
  3. Energy goes to what you focus on. Those feelings and thoughts that occupy your mind form the foundation of what will happen in your life. If you focus on becoming fitter throughout your day, you have every chance of achieving that goal. If you give it some small though once in the morning, it is unlikely that you will get as far.
  4. The power of now. You cannot be bound by the past as you cannot change it, you only have the power of now to shape your future.

Roxi has a special meditation mode that may prove useful




Prayer is an incredibly effective form of meditation, used successfully by many religions around the world for thousands of years. It has simply, stood the test of time. Try implementing the power of prayer into your daily routines and you will soon see the benefits appear in your life. You may pray to God, Allah, […]

Garden Meditation

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Internal Talk

Many of us have an internal dialogue that is sometimes helpful and sometimes not. It can sometimes feel that we cannot help this internal talk, but it is possible to use this as a form of active meditation and change any negative thinking into positive responses. Begin by relaxing your body for as long as […]

Thought Form

This form of active meditation will also help build your visualisation skills if they are somewhat weak. The visualisation will help and its important to follow the exercise exactly. Get your body ready for meditation in your preferred method wither standing or seated, encourage relaxation through your entire body and hold our your left arm […]


Visualisation is a very powerful skill that is greatly undervalued by many people today. Top athletes, CEOs, and Earners use visualisation everyday to help them achieve their goals, whether they realise it or not. A very powerful form of creative meditation is visualisation, and everybody can use it to help them achieve goals they have […]

The Parental Self

The eye by which I see God, is the same eye by which He sees Me. In Christian thought, you are considered the temple of God. There is no other immortal part of you than the eternal germ-plasm that is carried within you from your parents and theirs, and theirs all the way back to […]


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Activating & Increasing Personal Power

Physical strength – This is a physical and active meditation that involves physical exercise. Instead of doing exercises while talking, listening to music etc. You concentrate your thoughts solely on the muscles being worked, seeking to gain absolute control over your movements and encouraging growth. Think consciously about each and every movement, feel at once […]