Family Exercise

This course will give you the information to exercise as a family, with fun activities etc. Exercising as a family group will help encourage and improve motivation, commitment and family bonding.

A demand for social and recreative physical activity for boys & girls has been apparent during the last few years, which have seen mental illness and obesity amongst young people have risen. Boys & girls in this country are fond of open air activities, games and pastimes, and many who have hitherto had little opportunity for these forms of recreation will benefit from this course.

Training of the kind offered by this course is opportune for youths to make the best of themselves by the development of the body, mind and character. The exercises presented give alertness, agility, control, balance, poise and rhythm, and will require fitness, self-control & courage.

This course gives an opportunity for open air exercise, and serves its purpose if it helps those to spend some of their leisure time happily and healthy.



Other Lessons


Dancing, however narrowly or widely regarded, is a fundamental form of exercise. The desire for rhythmic movement is inherent, and in adolescence is shown strongly in the appeal made by dancing as a social activity. But, too frequently for boys, dancing is not included in his physical education, partly because of the awkwardness shown by […]

Garden Games

Common games to be played outside to promote healthy recreation include: Basket ball, Football, and Volleyball, equipment for such can be brought here. Rugby Touch The object of the game is to break through the opposing defence and to score a goal by carrying the ball across their goal line without being ‘touched’ by one […]


Swimming, of all types of recreational physical activity, best fulfils the needs of a large section of families. They can obtain concentrated and enjoyable exercise in a short space of time. Thus both as exercise and recreation swimming caters admirably for the needs of most people, including those with limited means or irregular leisure time. […]


on account of undesirable elements which may be associated with it, is considered by some to be unsuitable for boys & girls. It must be admitted however, that boxing, properly conducted is one of the best forms of indoor exercise and is a super way of building confidence, and learning basic self defence. The aim […]


Good balance of the body and free, easy movement in which arms and legs work in harmony, are characteristic of good running. The legs swing eaily from the hips with maximum length of stride that is consistent with balance and ease of movement. The stride is directly forward, landing being made squarely on the ball […]


To leave the jostling and noise of city life, to get out of confined spaces, to see the open country and to learn about country life is the great apeal of camping. To be thrown on ones own resources, even to a small degree, is a fine education. It helps to develop self reliance in […]