Introduction to TAO

This course aims to teach you the fundementals of TAO, exercises which have been understood to help in all areas of health.



Other Lessons

Lower Body Exercise

This is a great exercise to increase flexibility and and been known to be beneficial to pregenant women as it opens up the pelvis. Sit on the floor and bend your knees so that the soles of your feet tome together infront of you. With your feet together draw them in as close to your […]

Lower Back Exercises

These exercises are designed to strengthen your back muscles to ease and prevent back problems. Back problems are an increasing problem in modern life, whether caused by poor posture or many common labour jobs. When these exercises are done properly they can help prevent such problems. Exercise 1 Sit in a comfortable position and bring […]

Weight Reduction Exercise

This exercise is great for those who are obese, the elderly, or disbaled and at this point cannot perform exercises without pain. It also helps correct the back to keep it healthy and stable. It is easy to perform and can help bring weight to a managable level. Stand against a wall so that your […]

Hands & Arms Exercises

These exercises are rather similar to those found in Karate, Tai Chi and Kung Fu, they help to build you the strength and resiliance of the muscles, nerves and circulation. By concentrating the flow of energy into your arms you may find relief from general problems including arthritis and tennis elbow. Deep breathing and concentration […]

Exercise for relieving pain

This very simple exercise may help relieve upper back, shoulder or neck pain. Keep your attention on the moving hand, if your mind wanders start again. This exercise helps to draw attention away from pain. Adopt a sitting position If pain is felt in the right side of your back, then let your right arm […]

The Mouth Exercise

The mouth is the entrance to the inside of your body, so it is important to keep all aspects of the mouth healthy. Along with regular brushing , you can use these set of exercises to help maintain a healthy mouth. One way in which these exercise help is by using the bodies natural saliva, […]

The Ear Exercise

You are constantly receiving stimulus to the ears, when awake and even when you sleep. Taosim may have a way to ‘rest’ your inner ears and it is called “Beating the Heavenly drum”. This exercise may help some ear problems and should be combined with our breathing techniques for maximum effect. Use the index finger […]

The Nose Exercise

This Exercise can be done several times through the day to help correct sinus or nasal problems, and may be especially helpful when you have a cold or flu. Place your index fingers at the base of your nose either side of your nostrils. Press here for ten seconds then rub gently. Now move your […]

Head Rubbing Exercise

An excellent exercise for stimulating circulation in the scalp, which may help to nurish your hair, making it look more glossy, thicker and healthy. It also removes tension and stress which may ease headeches. Press your fingers on the very top of your head about an inch apart. Do not scratch, just rub the skin […]

Solar Plexus Exercise

The ancients Taoists knew that the Solar Plexus operated as a second brain, controlling your emotional, subconcious and freeze/flight/filght responses, as it controls the involuntary reactions of organs. The Solar plexus is so named due to the nerves radiating out from all directions to all your organs, and is located in the center of your […]

The Standing Crane

This exercise is similar to the previous, however it is done while standing, and is especially good for developing balance, flexibility and poise. It is good for the feet as it involves self massage, so may improve circulation and help sore/ cold feet. You may find it hard to balance well at first, but continued […]

The Crane Exercise

The Crane, in Taosim, and in most of east asia is known for its longevity and loyalty (it mates for life), and is therefore a huge part of their culture. So the Crane will fold one leg into its belly and exert pressure on its abdominal muscles and internal organs, to stimulate and strengthen its […]

Twelve Nerve Exercises

Face any direction excluding south. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and direct your toes inward slightly. Place thr palm of your hands on your chest so that your middle three fingers meet over the breastbone. Feel the heart beating, smile and imagine you are humble. An easy way to do this is to imagine […]

Eight Directional Exercises

You will need to use the compass on your phone or buy one here, this can also be used for camping in family exercise course. Regarldess of thier true abiltiy, all these exercises are good for flexibilty and body awarness. It is said that all the elements of the universe occupy space and are directional, […]

The 5 Animal Exerices

The most important part of these exercises is the union of mind and body. Do not let the images and feeling fade by letting your midn wander. Stop, and start again if it does. The Dragon Exericse For the ancient Chinese, the dragon is a mythical creature which represents supreme wisdom, power, control ans social […]