Mental Power

The lessons of this course are designed to give you a thorough development of your mental ability. The mind is the supreme, originating and constructive force in all our lives, and on completion of this course, you will find it far better to keep to your goals, you will exercise better and smarter, assuring the best results from MGTfit.

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Imagination & Feeling

Your imagination exerts a powerful influence upon your thoughts and acts. This talent, when highly developed, will be of upmost value to you in achieving your fitness goals. Imagination is both creator and architect, controlled imagination is a great creative skill, and is of prime importance of achieving goals. Your imagination looks into the future, […]

Development & Use Of The Will

Your will is the power which enables you to regulate your impulses and feelings, to control the activities of your mind, and to choose a definite course of action. It is the energy of intention. Your progress towards your goal with MGTfit will largely depend upon the strength of your will, and your ability to […]

Your Mind In Order

In this lesson you will learn an interesting plan for systematizing your mind. It will help you to classify your ideas and knowledge so that it is readily available for use. This plan consists of making diagrams, first in writing, then committed to memory, where they serve as “mental pigeon-holes”. This plan will greatly increase […]

Concentration | Exercise 1

Health Concentrate your mind for ten minutes upon the subject of building perfect health. Think of the essentials to good health: daily walking, sufficient and suitable exercise, abundance of daylight & fresh air, deep breathing, pure food, good sleep and relaxation, personal cleanliness, and proper mental habits. Think of the priceless value good health has. […]

Concentration | Exercise 2

Your Goals Direct your mind to each of the following subject in connection with achieving your fitness goals with MGTfit, dwelling upon each for 2 or more minutes. Motive Success Power Results Amazon music unlimited has great playlists for fitness & exercise

Concentration | Exercise 3

Your Goals Concentrate your mind for several minutes or more upon the following subjects in succession. What is my Fitness Goal? How can I best achieve it? What will the value be to me? How can I start today? How can I remain committed? Amazon music unlimited has great playlists for fitness & exercise

Imagination & Feeling | Exercise 1

View in your mind, you as you would like to be – having achieved your fitness goal. Picture clearly how you look in the mirror, how you feel. Summon as much detail as possible, what are you wearing? What has changed in your life thanks to your fitness plans on MGTfit, what is your posture […]

Imagination & Feeling | Exercise 2

Affirmations Affirmations are a great way of keeping yourself on the tracks to achieving your goals. Say your affirmations with meaning, summon as much feeling as possible with each word. As you say your affirmations mentally picture in as much detail as possible what you are saying. Say them as often as possible – in […]

Imagination & Feeling | Exercise 3

Energy Read the below aloud, then close your eyes and go through the exercise. Perform each in succession, making clear mental images and connecting them to strong feelings. Visual imagine you are connected by strands of light to the sun, imagine that along these lines energy travels from the sun into you. See the lines […]

Development & Use Of The Will | Exercise 1

Review the important things you have done during the preceding 24hrs, and not where you exerted your will and where you did not. Then put these definite questions to yourself: Are you too easily affected by outside suggestion? If so, just what are they, and what are you doing to remedy this condition? Can you […]

Development & Use Of The Will | Exercise 2

Select an exercise to do today which you know will require a special effort of will. The chief aim of this exercise is to stimulate your ability of effort, and to help you develop the habit of readiness of willing. For example You will walk to work or get off the bus several stops early […]

Development & Use Of The Will | Exercise 3

Study the below suggestions and apply them to achieving your fitness goals on MGTfit. In establishing a new and desirable habit, reinforce your intention with all the advantages that you will gain by such a habit. In initiating a new plan for your fitness, strengthen and intensify your initiative by thoughts of satisfaction, success and […]