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Exercise designed to help you increase the chance of pregnancy.

Our children are the future generation, their hereditary ability will be one of the most defining factors in their lives, their most important inheritance.

In House | Online Private Personal Training for Fitness Fertility

No travelling, No hassle, Your personal trainer is on your phone Plus, unlike apps, no data is collected on you.  Everything is designed to help you with your dream of having children with us, it can become reality. Aimed at keeping your mind & body fit, and which may help with reducing stress improving your chance to conceive. We will go through the exercises that are proven to help, plus exercise nutrition that will most benefit women in their reproductive years. Wether you are going through IVF, Sperm Donation or just want to increase your conception rate, get in touch today.

MGTfit is at its core a company focused on hereditary research – which is naturally why we earn our profits in the fitness industry. We invest all profits into our research.

As we know from the groundbreaking work of Gregor Mendel, to only consider the traits of the Mother &; Father would be a fallacy. But it is a fallacy that happens all the time! Donor clinics only provide the history of the Donors parents and usually just allergies and diseases, and too few look further than 1 generation for traits like creativity, intelligence, large families, a history of business achievements and more for 3 generations. As discovered by Mendel, we need information from at least 3 generations of the family to provide more accurate information as to whether an ability is hereditary or just a random chance occurrence, meaning it is less likely to appear in any children.

For more information on hereditary inheritance read these books on eugenics