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FREE Online Personal Training from MGTfit

MGTfit offers FREE online Personal Training to help bring suitable and sufficient exercise plans to those that need it most, and to complement our home based personal training service, an those that exercise in gyms.

For Free Exercise

To Complement PT or Gym

Just create an account and you will be granted instant access to our free online personal training plans, courses, and lifestyle videos. Plus you will be granted access to our newsletter which features offers, tips and other content!

Our free online personal training is a great option for families, those on a low income and also for companies who want to keep their employees fit and healthy.

For Families

Its important for kids to get a decent amount of exercise to increase social ability, skills, learning and confidence. By providing free online personal training, mgtfit helps families exercise together, or provide good exercise to their kids. Children who exercise have been shown to do better at school, be happier and are more likely to be successful later in life.

Low Income

By offering free online personal training, mgtfit helps those who need access to good exercise but otherwise may not be able to afford it. Access to suitable exercise is key to improving overall health, and improve mental health combating the symptoms of anxiety or depression. Fit people tend to be more successful in jobs, dating and general life, so with free online personal training, it is possible for anyone to improve their quality of life.


Companies all over the world are signing up to the latest fitness and business trend – keeping your employees fit and healthy. The ancient Greeks new that the best work was done by the most fit, as expressed in the Latin phrase Mens sana in corpore sano , usually translated as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. The phrase is widely used in sporting and educational contexts to express the theory that physical exercise is an essential part of mental ability and psychological well-being. Employees also tend to take less sick days when they follow a healthier lifestyle and get sufficient exercise, all this leads to better work life balance and better employee retention.

MGTfit FREE online personal training is supported by our in home personal training and ads placed on the site, these help to socialise and Christianize fitness.