When you exercise it is needed to focus on what you are doing, which muscle you are targeting, your breathing and your posture. To often we may see someone lazily ride a bike in the gym while reading a magazine, then they wonder why they spend hours in the gym every day and yet see little to no results. The best tip to develop your concentration when you exercise is to deepen your interest in it, as concentration is just intensified interest.

Realise how important the power of concentration is to you, the many advantages its possession will confer upon you and how it will you to more thoroughly and rapidly achieve your fitness goals.

In developing your concentration, have a well defined plan, have a distinct goal to be reached. This is where MGTfit Personal Training, whether you do it online or with a Personal Trainer in home, is most beneficial to your development and growth.


  1. Check every tendency to wander from your chosen subject. When you wish to concentrate upon your training, but find your mind wandering from it, be persistent and lead your mind back again and keep on substituting this subject for the intrusive one. If you are persistent, your efforts will eventually bring the desired results.
  2. Bring mental pressure to bear upon what you are doing. There are many degrees of concentration. You may apply your mind to a subject, but not with sufficient mental pressure to get the best results. There is an energetic form of concentration, by which you summon all your powers of thought to the task before you. This kind of concentration is invaluable to exercise. Better results will come from comparatively little work done with intense concentration.
  3. Learn to think in a straight line. To think in a straight line means to know definitely what you wish to accomplish, and to pursue it without undue thought or effort.
  4. Enforce a difficult task upon yourself. This is the best kind of self-discipline. And will not only aid you in exercise, but in changing any bad habits, such as over eating. Compelling yourself to do some exercise that you would not ordinarily do, or of unusual difficulty will rapidly develop your mental energy. It is easy to concentrate upon agreeable things, but your mind will be greatly stimulated only through doing difficult things.
  5. Seek the best conditions. Give particular attention to the conditions of your surroundings, so that they assist rather than hinder your efforts to exercise. Physical vigour and freshness are essential to proper exercise and can be dampened by an overheated room. Set the right temperature, have good, natural light coming from one side, and plenty of space.
  6. Have stated periods of rest. There are forms of useful idleness, leisure and recreation of the right kind that will help your mental and physical health. Be sure not to become over zealous, which may lead to injury or stress.
  7. Cultivate definiteness. To become vigorous in thought is to give yourself a great helping hand in achieving your fitness goals. Be sincere in your reflection on what your have done, and what you need to to to accomplish your goals. Ask yourself: “Am I putting in my best effort?” and “What more can I do”
  8. Form the habit of selective thinking. You can, to a large degree, choose the kind of thoughts you wish to encourage. Selective thinking means to choose, as far as possible, only those thoughts that help you, are useful and desirable in achieving your fitness goals, as opposed to those thoughts that are destructive to your progress.
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