Development & Use Of The Will

Your will is the power which enables you to regulate your impulses and feelings, to control the activities of your mind, and to choose a definite course of action. It is the energy of intention. Your progress towards your goal with MGTfit will largely depend upon the strength of your will, and your ability to carry out definitely and promptly its determinations.

Your will depends primarily on your desire. The greater the purpose and intensity of your desire, the greater will be your power of will. Your desire induces you to act, that which gives you pleasure will urge your will in that particular direction. You know of things that you should do or that you believe would be best for you, but your will is not strong enough to make the necessary effort. The fact is, you do not significantly want these things – you realize in a degree their value and desirability, but lacking the significant desire for them, other influences are permitted to intervene.

To make ideas – such as your fitness goals – persistent enough to take form in action, it is necessary that they be vitalized by feeling or emotion. You should assume it until your have fully succeeded in arousing the genuine emotion in yourself.

You learn to do by doing

It is comparatively easy to arouse and stimulate desire, even to the degree of enthusiasm. You can do this most successfully by calling to mind all the advantages or benefits connected with the matter over which you desire to exert greater willpower. Do this conscientiously and persistently, and you will find your desire growing rapidly, and backed by strong desire, your will should act naturally and constructively. Summon your fitness goals often to your consciousness and hold them there as long as possible. Consider carefully, decide positively, and then act promptly.

Development of Body an aid to Will-Power

Your best initial step towards the highest development of your will, is to build for yourself a strong physical body, so that your mental forces may always be at their best. Fresh air, sufficient and suitable exercise, proper habits of eating, and a due amount of relaxation and amusement, are all of service in the cultivation of bodily vigour.

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