Imagination & Feeling | Exercise 1

  1. View in your mind, you as you would like to be – having achieved your fitness goal. Picture clearly how you look in the mirror, how you feel. Summon as much detail as possible, what are you wearing? What has changed in your life thanks to your fitness plans on MGTfit, what is your posture like, how does your body look.
  2. Picture clearly doing exercises in front of a large mirror, either with your personal trainer or from exercises provided online. See the hard work you put in, how enthusiastic you are, how much you enjoy them. See yourself working harder as you see the results grow.
  3. Mentally picture how your life has changed since you have completed your personal training or MGTfit online courses. View in detail what your life is like, the clothes you wear, where you live or go out, the lifestyle you have acquired.
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