Imagination & Feeling | Exercise 3


Read the below aloud, then close your eyes and go through the exercise. Perform each in succession, making clear mental images and connecting them to strong feelings.


imagine you are connected by strands of light to the sun, imagine that along these lines energy travels from the sun into you. See the lines going into your body, and the sun’s energy pulsating along the lines, flowing into you. Feel its hotness inside of you, inflaming your blood with pure energy. Can you hear the sound of the energy as it fills you up? How all else falls quiet as your own energy doubles, and doubles again, and again. How do you feel now you are full of energy? Look at your hand and see the inner fire glowing through your skin, how hot does your hand feel? Notice the heat as its spread energy through your body, you can enjoy this feeling for as long as you like.


Listen to powerful sounding music, as you hear the energy of the music, start to feel it spread from your ears, through your head, and down into the rest of your body. Let the music deeply penetrate you, filling you with hot energy. With each note or beat of the music you can feel the vibrating energy inside you respond, as if your body is now part of the song itself. Start to see the song flowing around your body, feeling its energy as your own. Enjoy this feeling for as long as you are able or want to.


From a standing position, strike your favourite victory pose, as if you have just won a race, strength contest or scored a goal. Realise how good it feels, and notice the quick flow of energy that it releases around your body. Breathe deeply and as you do this feel the energy in your body respond by getting stronger. Imagine visually be surrounded by adoring fans, hear them cheering your name. Feel how good it feels as the sight and noise of your fans fills you with even more energy. Let all this deeply penetrate you and fill you with limitless energy and potential. Enjoy this feeling for as long as you are able or want to.

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