Imagination & Feeling

Your imagination exerts a powerful influence upon your thoughts and acts. This talent, when highly developed, will be of upmost value to you in achieving your fitness goals. Imagination is both creator and architect, controlled imagination is a great creative skill, and is of prime importance of achieving goals. Your imagination looks into the future, it helps you construct plans, your ideals and aspirations take form first in your imagination.

Don’t confuse imagination with ‘day dreaming’ which is of no real value. Imagination has practical, forceful constructive value, while day dreaming is just building castles in the air. You may possess an enormous stock of ideas and knowledge to reach your goal, but it will be of the greatest service to you as you visualize it with the power of your imagination. Your imagination can be made a tremendously powerful factor in your life, and you should therefore learn its power and scope, and guide it to constructive, useful things, such as achieving your fitness goals with your MGTfit Personal Trainer or MGTfit Online.

Example Exercise:

The essential ingredient for successful mental exercise for positive change is continued concentration on an idea, that you create a automatic response t the idea. For example, if you are afraid of meeting new people, mental exercise can help you become confident with conversation.

The main tools for correct mental exercise are words, images and feelings. When used in the right way they can be the agents of easy, positive change in your life, now, following is a very easy and simple exercise that anyone can do with just a few minutes time.

  1. Acknowledge the habit or thought you want to change
  2. Define its positive half, fear into confidence etc.
  3. Imagine yourself with the new quality, thought or belief, see it through your eyes and really feel how good it feels.
  4. Imagine yourself in situations in your life with this new quality, thought or belief.

Repeat this exercise often, reminding yourself after each one that you can do it! Remember, by being discerning in your thought, by choosing what to think, the quality and nature of your thinking, including your imagination will greatly benefit you on your journey.


The feelings that you indulge within yourself are the feelings which will grow and develop in your character. Check an undesirable feeling the instant it manifests itself. Every feeling which you develop in yourself finds an expression and outward embodiment in your physical life. You tone of voice, posture, energy and motivation. Aim to indulge in pleasant feelings to aid your fitness goals – Love, joy, confidence, patience, hope, trust, comfort, enthusiasm, interest, faith etc. Product – BESTLIFE Luxury Travel Backpack Knapsack Large Capacity Designer Bags for Men Women Anti-theft Waterproof High Quality Mochila
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