Your Mind In Order

In this lesson you will learn an interesting plan for systematizing your mind. It will help you to classify your ideas and knowledge so that it is readily available for use. This plan consists of making diagrams, first in writing, then committed to memory, where they serve as “mental pigeon-holes”.

This plan will greatly increase your chances of reaching your fitness goal, it gives thoroughness to your goals. It tends to give clearness, definiteness, and logical order to your thinking.

After you have prepared a diagram in writing, proceed to fix it in your mind as a clear mental outline or picture. Gradually prepare and memorise diagrams covering all your fitness goals that are of special interest to you. The great value of these diagrams will become increasingly apparent.

In order to make diagrams, we recommend: iPad, Wacom Notepad, Wacom Bamboo for your phone/ tablet.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Make a diagram of general divisions of your subject.
  2. Next make a subdivision of each of the general divisions represented in your first diagram.
  3. Revise and correct until you are happy.
  4. Commit the approved diagrams to memory, so that you can summon them at will.

Example: Good General Fitness

Fresh AirSuitable Exercise
Proper Habits of EatingRelaxation

Suitable Exercise

Plans From MGTfitPersonal Training
Daily WalkingExercise Equipment

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