Personal Training for Kids & Teens – Exercise for Excellence

Kids Personal Training

Parent & Child Fitness train together at no extra cost

Build the foundations for future success with Private Personal Training

Kids Fitness with a REPS Level 3 Qualified PT

One of the highest level recognised fitness qualifications available. An advanced level of exercise and fitness knowledge to provide superior fitness instruction to kids for overall health improvement as well as success in sports, class and fitness.

Promote good bone & muscle growth

Strength training is proven to help good bone strength and muscle growth which last for the rest of their lives. It helps maintain good health throughout ensuring they are less prone to illness, breaks & more.

Help train for sports

Which ever type of sport they are interested in a good personal trainer can help them progress and improve their game. using functional and relevant exercises to build strength & stamina.

Boost attentiveness, concentration and ability

Exercise is a proven method of increasing attentiveness, concentration and ability at school. with many studies showing regular fitness sessions provide up to 50% better results in school compare to a home tutor.

Develop confidence, leadership skills and self defence

Building strength and fitness is a proven way of increasing confidence and leadership skills in young people. Also providing and solid foundation in self defence to build self belief and character.

Goals for weight loss, & more

The most common type of fitness goal, is also the most unique to each individual person, and this is even more true for young people. With childhood obesity having such a devastating effect on psychical and mental health, success in school and in career and on personal relationships; it is very important to have the right approach to encouraging kids to have good general fitness.