Personal Training for Therapy


Home Based Personal Training Session for Therapy

Special  personal training workouts designed to use exercise and creative thinking for therapeutic recovery from domestic or sexual abuse, depression and loneliness and drug abuse. Focusing on your mental and physical health, and introducing combative movements to release tension, and anger and giving you more confidence.

Personal training may help those seeking therapy for a wide range of problems including depression, anxiety, social isolation, surrogate partner therapy, victims of substance addiction, domestic or sexual abuse and more. This may help you overcome any personal problems by giving you full instructions for a plan to making small changes for just a few minutes a day. Your personal trainer will provide you with all the support you need to help you grow.

With a focus on more than just physical fitness, your personal training sessions may help you get more out of everyday life, with exercises and goals for every aspect of your evolution. Radiate vivacious attractiveness with glowing health, keen mind and a confident body. Our session together will help you understand how growth and progress works – so you are more likely to succeed and keep going, becoming more confident, capable and happy.

⊕  A Qualified REPS L3 Personal Trainer

⊕  Specialised fitness sessions for therapeutic recovery

⊕  Daily Routines to help improve Health & Fitness

⊕  2 Hour + Sessions providing a mix of exercise and listening

⊕  All the Equipment you need

⊕  Boxing & Self Defence to Boost Confidence

⊕  Nutrition & Diet

⊕  Slow exercises to aid anxiety, depression & loneliness

⊕  Relaxation Exercises

⊕  Mind Strength & Conditioning

⊕  Body Toning

⊕  Sports Massage

⊕  Core Training

⊕  Creative Meditation, TAO & More

⊕  Walking & Running Fitness

Therapy Exercise

A solid and sound personal training plan can involve dedicated exercises for both body & mind, to help establish an important place for recovery and growth from many forms of abuse. From sexual abuse, substance abuse and domestic abuse, the right mix of fitness exercises and therapy can help those suffering open up, communicate and recover. Creating new meaningful relationships that allows real healing to happen.

About Mark | Your Therapy fitness Personal Trainer

36 Years old I have used fitness to keep myself healthy, strong and youthful. I earned my qualification (REPS Level 3 Personal Training) in 2009, and since then I have had the pleasure in getting to know so many great people, who just needed someone to support them and connect with them and what they wanted. I know from helping previous clients, and the studies done by health professionals that, even though people truly want to stick to their diet or exercise plan it doesn’t always work out. There are many barriers to achieving your desired body, mentally, financially and finding the time it takes now. Whether its being on a diet or deciding to workout, many people end up doing the exact opposite! Its not that they were lying, they fully meant what they said…its just that with something they want right in front of them, the temptation can be too strong, and there are chemicals in the brain that alter their decision making. It’s just like when you were very small, and you wanted something really bad. But this means poor health that makes you more vulnerable to all sorts of health problems, including viruses.
This is why personal training is more than just getting the body you want, it can change your internal fitness. This is not just going to be a superficial thing, you want it to mean a longer healthier life.