Creative Meditation


Creative meditation can help with confidence, creativity, stress, fitness, finances & many other areas when done correctly and in a way that suits you.

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In Christianity there is the belief of the Holy Trinity. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Rather than being something unrelated to you, this relates to you and has particular meaning. Modern science now understands that you have ‘three selves’ very much like God, a sub conscious self, your conscious self, and a higher or Parental self this one relates to your DNA.

Your subconscious handles much of the information from the outside world, as well as the daily running of your body (breathing, walking, driving etc.).

Your conscious self is the part of you that actively thinks and engages with the outside world, it is also that part that runs your internal dialogue, which may at times be overly critical!

There is then the Parental self, this is everything passed down to you from thousands of ancestors, the accumulation of their experience and guidance. It is this Parental self, that gives people a ‘natural affinity’ for fixing cars, or for a particular sport or team. creative Meditation is a good way of using all three systems to help promote growth


Prayer is an incredibly effective form of meditation, used successfully by many religions around the world for thousands of years. It has simply, stood the test of time. Try implementing the power of prayer into your daily routines and you will soon see the benefits appear in your life. You may pray to God, Allah, The Eternal Flame, Your Paternal Self, or Your Holy Spirit etc. Whoever you feel comfortable praying to.One aspect common in Christian prayer is asking for forgiveness. Studies have found that this actually helps with mental health and building a positive self image. Forgiving yourself for your lapses – and when you are on the journey to change there will be lapses – helps you recover more quickly, and stops any negative spiral and critical thinking.You may pray however you like, as long as your words direct you to positive outcomes that helps you achieve your goals. You may recite a special prayer that you remember, or make them up on the spot.

Here is a nice example:

May the Sun bring me new energy by day, may the Moon softly restore me by night, may the Rain wash away my worries, may the breeze blow new strength into my being, may I walk gently through the world & know its beauty all the days of my life.


Much of what passes for meditation is nothing more than good old relaxation. This is true of any app or service that asks you to focus on nothing other than your breathing etc. True meditation involves an increase in awareness, skill, knowledge or understanding.
That’s not to say that the system doesn’t work, relaxation is very important and a fantastic way to relax and focus on your breathing is by massage.You can search for a local massage in your area, or you and your partner can find a course so you can learn to massage each other. Or you may buy a massage gadget and even learn to self massage.
The aim while you are getting a massage is to focus on your breathing and really let go and relax.

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