Personal Training for Beauty – Body Sculpting

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Total Body Sculpt: Tighten your Thighs, Perfect your Bottom, Waist & Posture

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  • Up to 2Hrs Per Session with a REPS L3 Qualified PT
  • Your Personal Trainer can also help with dating or images for your social media
  • Increase your body confidence
  • We will target key areas to improve your physical look
  • Exercises and nutritional advice to help you stay looking younger for longer
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Are You Beach Body Ready? You could be with MGTfit

Total Body Sculpt: Tighten your Thighs, Perfect your Bottom, Waist & Posture

Fitness exercises designed to help transform your body for increased success in dating, career such as for Influencers models, actors & more. Find out what more we do beyond fitness to help!

 From leaders in the fields of physical fitness, mental agility, nutrition and many more. You will be training like Roman soldiers and understanding more about your body from the fathers of genetics, which may help you find love, get a promotion or more…

In House | Private Personal Training

No travelling, No hassle, Your personal trainer should come to you, not the other way around. Plus, unlike apps, no data is collected on you. Everything we do will be private in a comfortable, understanding and safe environment.

Nature Based Personal Training

A holistic training approach based on natural body movements, with no need for extra equipment. Aimed at keeping your mind & body fit, and increasing your look in an ever more competitive industry, gain the advantage against the competition with our specially tailored 90 day course.

Personal Training for Modelling, Acting & Influencers

These industries are getting increasingly difficult to be successful in, can you afford not to gain a competitive advantage? While no one can guarantee you success, we can guarantee you deserve it. Very few people can make it big in modelling, but we will endeavour to give you the best chance possible, and if you are already successful, we can catapult you to greater success.

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5 reviews for Personal Training for Beauty – Body Sculpting

  1. Zarra

    This wasn’t just a fitness course, mark understood how to use it to increase my followers and build my brand. xoxo

  2. Rose

    Thanks so much xoxo

  3. Liz

    Fantastic, I learned so much from this course. It helps having a defined end as it gave more focus to the sessions. Would do again, I highly recommend this for anyone!

  4. Piper

    Ended my gym contract and started this in home personal training and im loving it. The fact that I can do all these exercises anywhere is brilliant. Imma be beach body ready soon

  5. Emma

    Mark really understands my needs and the lessons are great. Lost weight and I have toned up ready for summer!

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