Personal Training for Over 50s – Fitness Over Fifty

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Personal Training for People Over 50

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  • Your Personal Trainer is fully trained REPS Level 3
  • Up to 2Hrs Per Session
  • Increase your body confidence, body strength, and bone strength
  • We will target key areas to improve health and fitness
  • Exercises and nutritional advice to help you stay looking younger for longer
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Over 50s Fitness | Personal Training for 50 and over

A third of the UK’s population is now over 50 and it is increasingly important for them to keep healthy. This course has been prepared to give you all you need to maintain health after 50. We will look into strength and flexibility, to ensure we keep you fitter for longer.


After 50 it becomes even more important to look after your body as it naturally deteriorates, and exercise has been proven to slow the affects of ageing, combat dementia, reduce fatigue, anxiety, loneliness and depression.

 From leaders in the fields of physical fitness, mental agility, nutrition and many more. You will be training like Roman soldiers and understanding more about your body from the fathers of genetics, which may help you find love, get a promotion or more…

In House | Private Personal Training

No travelling, No hassle, Your personal trainer should come to you, not the other way around. Plus, unlike apps, no data is collected on you. Everything we do will be private in a comfortable, understanding and safe environment.

Nature Based Personal Training

A holistic training approach based on natural body movements, with no need for extra equipment. Aimed at keeping your mind & body fit, and increasing your look in an ever more competitive industry, gain the advantage against the competition with our specially tailored 90 day course. A common misconception is that weight training is only for bodybuilders and those who want to develop big muscles. In reality weight training is important to strengthen bones and is proven to delay and even cure osteoporosis problems. In your mid to late 30’s muscle mass starts to decrease and we continue to lose 1-2% of muscle mass every year. The only way to stop this is to use resistance training or lift weights.

Personal Training for the future

With a good knowledge of health & fitness you can lead an active, adventurous and amazing lifestyle. Too many people over 50 struggle with ill health, low confidence or boredom. This PT package may change the rest of your life!

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7 reviews for Personal Training for Over 50s – Fitness Over Fifty

  1. Bella

    Just started my training sessions and I am enjoying them very much. Fantastic

  2. Emma

    going well

  3. Zarra

    First month done – having a great time with my PT and learning so much! Thanks hun!

  4. Rose

    lost 1 stone and my body is firmer and more shapely – I feel prettier than I have ever done in my life, thanks so much mark!

  5. Steph

    feel so much stronger and fitter, better than I did in my 20s!!

  6. Pearl

    Going well, Marks amazing!

  7. Jim

    Enjoying the sessions, will see how it goes. But so far so good!

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