Personal Training for Relaxation – Guided Meditation & Relaxation

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A one off PT Session on Guided Relaxation & Meditation

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  • Full instruction on exercises to help you use fitness to relax and discover new ways to de-stress
  • Help deal with intense feelings of unworthiness, lack of self esteem or self confidence
  • Full instruction on calming and wellness techniques you can use anytime anywhere
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Personal Training for Relaxation

A stand alone personal training session with no up sells or cross sells, and no obligation to take up more sessions. This one PT session is pre-planned to give you all the information for you to do the right amount of exercise, with ideas to help lower stress levels, motivate and increase your internal fitness which may help you to de-stress, relieve anxiety or depression and relax. Your session will also feature full instruction on relaxation and meditation techniques plus learning new ways to relax anywhere anytime!

With a focus on more than just physical fitness, your personal training session may help you get more out of everyday life, with exercises and goals for every aspect of your evolution. Radiate vivacious attractiveness with glowing health, keen mind and a confident body. Our session together will help you understand how growth and progress works – so you are more likely to succeed and keep going, becoming more confident, capable and happy.

In House | Private Personal Training for Guided Relaxation

No travelling, No hassle, Your personal trainer comes to you, not the other way around. Plus, unlike apps, no data is collected on you. Everything we do will be private in a comfortable, understanding and safe environment.

Therapeutic Nature Based Personal Training

A holistic training approach based on natural body movements, with no need for extra equipment. Aimed at keeping your mind & body fit, which may help with reducing stress and depression; all to help you recover from abuse or fight substance addiction.

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Being Fit WILL Make You Happy According to Science



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