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Therapy Based Personal Training

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A Personal Training Session for Therapy

A special pre planned personal training session designed to use exercise and creative exercises for therapy. This may help anyone in or seeking therapy for a wide range of problems including depression, anxiety, social isolation, surrogate partner therapy, victims of substance addiction, domestic or sexual abuse and more. Focusing on your mental and physical health, and introducing combative movements to release tension, and anger and giving you more confidence.

This Personal training session may help you overcome any personal problems by giving you full instructions for a plan to making small changes for just a few minutes a day. Your personal trainer will provide you with all the support you need to help you grow.

With a focus on more than just physical fitness, your personal training sessions may help you get more out of everyday life, with exercises and goals for every aspect of your evolution. Radiate vivacious attractiveness with glowing health, keen mind and a confident body. Our session together will help you understand how growth and progress works – so you are more likely to succeed and keep going, becoming more confident, capable and happy.

In House | Private Personal Training for Therapy

No travelling, No hassle, Your personal trainer & gym equipment comes to you, not the other way around. Plus, unlike apps, no data is collected on you. Everything we do will be private in a comfortable, understanding and safe environment. Your personal trainer has undergone training to help deal with the issues connected with your best progress in therapy.

Surrogate Partner Therapy

Fitness can greatly improve all parts of your life, and has a direct influence on fertility and sexual health. Your Personal Trainer can help you with psyhcosexual problems with special selected exercises that have proven to be effective, whether yours stem from lack of experience/ confidence or from previous abuse. Psychosexual therapy & surrogate partner therapy takes place from a position of understanding your body and the importance of touch. Communicating and having a meaningful and emotional connection is the ultimate goal of this kind of therapy.

Therapy for Abuse

A solid and sound personal training plan can involve dedicated exercises for both body & mind, to help establish an important place for recovery and growth from many forms of abuse. From sexual abuse, substance abuse and domestic abuse, the right mix of fitness exercises and therapy can help those suffering open up, communicate and recover. Creating new meaningful relationships that allows real healing to happen.


2 reviews for Personal Training for Therapy | Manchester

  1. Kate

    really helping me through this period in my life. It’s not just the exercises that we do, we also cover my mental health in the session which has helped with my depression and anxiety

  2. Jane

    This really helped me get more confidence and overcome my problems. I had spent years with the NHS, PT for Therapy did what they couldn’t!

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